Which Battle Ready Sword is for you?


So, you’re looking for the best sword that suits you? Well that’s honestly not always the easiest question to answer. Every sword may have the same basic parts and structure however, they are each completely different. Think about it like this. Each and every car also has the same basic components but the gas pedal and break sensitivity are going to be unique to the car. This same concept applies to swords. To find the best battle ready sword for yourself we’ve put together a detailed list of swords and information to help you find the right one.


The interactive sword chart below will give you some specifics on 10 different swords for an easier way to compare them. You can find more swords in our battle sword catalog (link above).

Since we each have our personal preference the chart should help you quickly find a sword suitable for yourself. Also more detailed information on some of the sword brands can be found below the chart.

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Battle Swords
Weight (Pounds)
Blade Material
Total Length (inches)
Demon Combat Ready Skull Broad Saber Sword* W/ Shealth
5Stainless Steel37$3.8/5
Full Size 39" Roman Battle Ready Maximus Gladiator Gladius Sword New
7Stainless Steel39$$3.6/5
Musashi Handmade Zetsurin Samurai Katana Sword Sharp4Carbon Steel39.25$$4.3/5
United Cutlery UC2928 Orcrist Thorin Oakenshield Sword9.2Stainless Steel38.34$$$4.7/5
Whetstone Cutlery Samurai Sword with Two Tone Blade and Green Trim, 40-Inch4Stainless Steel40$$3.8/5
26" Tang Ninja Sword w/ Shoulder Sheath3Razor Sharp Steel26$3.7/5
Handmade Japanese Shirasaya Samurai Katana Sword Sharp3High Carbon Steel42$$4.5/5
Classic Crane Tsuba Handmade Samurai Katana Sword Sharp3High Carbon Razor Sharp Steel40$$4.4/5
Cold Steel Hand-And-A-Half Sword with Leather/Wood Scabbard5Stainless Steel42.63$$$4.2/5

The chart consists of 6 different columns. The columns from left to right give information on a battle ready sword, weight, blade material, total length, pricing, and rating. The information gathered is from Amazon.com and is really helpful in deciding on which sword to purchase.

Table Key:

  • Battle Swords: Image and Link to sword.
  • Weight: displayed in pounds.
  • Blade Material: Type of metal the blade is made of.
  • Total Length: Distance in inches from handle end to blade tip.
  • Pricing: $ = 1-50 usd $$ = 50 – 99 usd $$$ = 99+ usd
  • Rating: Ratings are based on a 5 star system. Information gathered from amazon.

 Are you ready to see even more swords? Check out our Sword Catalog!

Our sword catalog has 50 different swords for you to compare and browse through. The catalog should help you determine exactly which one you’re looking for. The catalog table is designed the same way as the one above. You’ll love the selection we have for you look through. With so many swords how could anyone just choose one? If you would like to see a sword added to our catalog please use the contact form and let us know which one you would like to see added. Also, if you have any additional questions we can help answer for you please contact us.

The First Battle Ready Sword

The first sword crafted that is what we know them as today was invented in the bronze age. However it was a pretty pathetic sword design as you could imagine. They developed the sword from basically evolving the dagger. More distance between you and your enemy back then was always a good thing. However even into the iron age the sword remained about the size of a machete today. Only when we reached the high middle ages we evolved into the classical arming sword that’s so well known. It was used to arm guards around the world in all the different kingdoms.

Review of Different Types of Swords

The swords above are all great options but, I also wanted to show you some of the different swords based on region & style. This list could also be huge but, I’ll try to keep it simple and list a few. This will give you some more ideas of what kind of sword might be for you.

Viking Swords

 The Viking sword was the primary weapon of the Viking. It was a development of the Roman spatha, evolving out of the Migration Period sword in the 8th century, and into the classical knightly sword in the 11th century with the emergence of larger cross-guards. The Viking swords were pattern welded which gave the blade extra strength as the core was made of springy iron and edge of hard steel. Of particular note is the “Ulfberht” subset, which used steel of higher purity and carbon content than its peers in the region that may have been imported in ingots.

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Ninja Swords

The Ninjato (忍者刀 ninjatō), also known as ninjaken (忍者剣) or shinobigatana (忍刀), is the most common name for the sword that the ninja of feudal Japan are portrayed to have carried in movies, on television, and in numerous books written by modern ninjutsu practitioners including Masaaki Hatsumi and Stephen K. Hayes. Replicas of this weapon are also prominently on display in both the Koka Ninja Village Museum in Kōka, Shiga and the Iga-ryū Ninja Museum in Iga, Mie.


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Persian Swords

In Persia the shamsir sword was developed, a word which is said to derive from the word “cimitarra”. The Shamsir sword can be classed in the category of swords with a single blade, and this characteristic could be found in the fact that the blade starts its curve from its first third.  Sometimes the blade could have a double pointed end to facilitate puncturing the enemy.



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Sword Fighting Safety

Sword fighting is fun, exciting, and great exercise but, it needs to also be safe. Always make sure to wear protective gear even with practice swords. There are different levels of gear depending on if your practicing with steel or synthetic weapons. I recommend practicing with synthetic weapons as they’re cheaper and can be weighted the same as steel for a more accurate feel.

Sword Fighting


For safest practice you should join a martial art school that focuses on sword fighting. There are also sword fighting academies available that focus only on the sword.

Time to take action!

We’ve covered many different types of swords here and in our catalog. You now should have a good idea of what kind of sword best suits you. You’ll be able to choose the best battle ready sword for your collection. New swords are coming out all the time so if we’ve missed something you believe is worthy of going onto the list please let us know. Direct any questions through the contact page and we’ll get back to you asap.